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What is Lensball?

Lensball is a hardened clear crystal sphere used for photography purposes. Because of its spherical effect it shows you a 180° degree view of your surroundings creating a mind-blowing visual effect.

What is Lensball made out of?

Lensball is made from K9 crystal: A lens-grade, optically clear crystal mostly used in optics and lenses giving you the sharpest possible image.

What does Lensball Weigh?

The 60mm Lensball weighs 250g (0,55lb) and the 80mm Lensball weighs 650g (1.45lbs)

Which Lensball should I buy → the 80mm or 60mm?

The 60mm Lensball makes for a great pocketfit and is best suited for your lightweight travel adventures and smartphone photography endeavours. The  80mm Lensball allows you to capture your entire surrounding in full sharpness, it also blows more minds than its little brother and is generally more pleasing to the eye.

Can lensball start a fire?

Good that you asked, yes! Lensball has a strong magnifying effect, when left exposed to direct sunlight Lensball can start a fire within seconds - always make sure to cover yours with the protective microfiber pouch that comes with in every box.

I shoot photos with a DSLR camera, how do I get the most out of my Lensball?

If you want the entire Lensball to be in focus, you will have to go a bit higher in aperture (f5-9), this takes some getting used to. Additionally, stand closer to your subject than you would normally, everything in the Lensball appears to be much further away than it is in real life because of the super wide angle. Keep in mind that, depending on the look you are after, you might want to switch up your focal length and depth-of-field. Avoid reflections by keeping the Lensball fingerprint-free and optionally use a polarising filter to avoid any glaring. Last, make sure to keep your Lensball away from direct sunlight and avoid bringing the Lensball close to your eyes. For inspiration, check out our Instagram!

I shoot photos with a smartphone, how do I get the most out of my Lensball?

Stand close to your subjects. Everything in the Lensball appears to be much further away than it actually is in real life. If your smartphone has a second telephoto lens, use it to create a blurred background, it looks great! Practice by going out there and play around with compositions, you’d be surprised at how amazing quite ordinary sights can appear through the Lensball. Keep your Lensball fingerprint-free using your microfibre pouch, keep your Lensball away from direct sunlight and avoid bringing the Lensball close to your eyes. For inspiration, check out our Instagram!

Do you also ship to my country?

We do! We offer worldwide shipping to all countries. Shipping is free on orders over $45!

How long does shipping take approximately?

Shipping to USA and Europe takes approximately 10-20 business days. Shipments to the rest of the world are between 10-30 business days.

How can I track my order?

When you get your shipping confirmation email you also find your personal tracking number in that same email. When you click that tracking number you will be taken to the tracking website.

My package is not trackable. What shall I do?

After getting the shipment confirmation mail it can take up to 3 days until the tracking code is active. If you still experience problems please don’t hesitate to hit us up via

I'm a content creator, can we collaborate?

Most of the amazing photos you see us share on this very website, all of our social media, and anywhere else, is made by great content creators. We love create with talented and creative people, and everything is possible. If you believe you can contribute to the Lensball brand, please contact us using the contact form.

I'm an online influencer, can we collaborate?

That depends. We are very selective in collaborations with influencers, but if you as a person/brand are a good fit with us as a team/brand, we can definitely work something out!

I'm a store owner, how do I start selling Lensball?

Please have a look at this page.

What is this family you keep going on about?

Those are our Lensball brothers and sisters from all around the world! You can join the Lensball Facebook family group here. We also have a Lensball family hall of fame page on which feature some of world’s coolest Lensball photographers.

How do I get my work featured on Instagram?

Use the #lensball hashtag or send your work to Although we feature new enthusiasts every day we cannot guarantee that your work will be chosen. If you are looking to get tips on how to improve your Lensball photography just send us your work through Instagram DM or to, we will happily provide you with tips!

What are the rules of buying on this website?

Purchasing something online should be fair, easy and without nasty surprises. In our Terms Of Use and Disclaimer you can read everything about our business identity, guarantees, warranty and more. 

How do you protect my privacy?

Of course your information is protected. You can find everything about in our Privacy Policy.

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